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    Locherber Milano

    Luxury Oudh Candle 1600g Large

    Luxury Oudh Candle 1600g Large

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    Woody, aromatic and amber fragrance with top notes of violet leaves combined with tree resins and incense, tobacco and coffee to end with sandalwood and oud, patchouli, agar wood and amber.
    Hand-painted glass vase surmounted by a Canaletto walnut cover from Locherber® Milan.

    Known since the dawn of time in different cultures and religions, but also in ancient medicinal practices, Oud (Oudh in the Arab world) is a very precious essential oil that knows how to give a magical aura to the perfumes that contain it.

    Locherber Milan has transferred its mystical charm into an eau de parfum with a seductive personality that recalls the fragrant oriental atmospheres.

    The Oud is derived from the hydro-distillation of the Agarwood a dark and very aromatic resin that thickens in the trunks and roots of the trees of the species Aquilaria and Gyrinops (evergreens of south-east Asia) when they are attacked by molds, insects and parasites or mutilated due to natural phenomena such as wind, lightning and animal aggression; it is the tree itself that therefore “self-medicates” through this particular – and precious – resinous substance that impregnates and protects the wood, giving it strength.
    However, not all Aquilaria trees produce Agarwood: its presence is increasingly rare and, above all, not visible outside the trunk, but only after cutting the tree itself.
    If in the past the arboreal resources were used in a sustainable way by the local populations, today the commercial pressure has led to the impoverishment of the species, making the Agarwood one of the rarest, most precious and sought after botanical materials.

    Even today, particularly in the Middle East, it is burned in the form of shavings in special censers to perfume the house and clothes.
    Locherber Milan selects only the best essences in the countries of origin, to create natural and exclusive fragrances.
    Aromatic and intoxicating, Oudh opens with a note of violet leaves, evolves into resinous and sweetly spicy hints of incense, coffee and tobacco and closes in a woody finish of sandalwood, patchouly, agar, oud and amber.

    Capacity: 1600 g


    The scented candles give the rooms a pleasant and delicate scent, they are very trendy interior décor elements and home accessories that give originality and elegance.
    Follow our tips for optimal use.

    1. Shutdown
    It would be natural to blow on the candle to put it out. This action, on the other hand, has always been erroneously practiced first of all because, in general, the air feeds the fire while what extinguishes it is precisely the lack of the latter; also because blowing on the flame creates smoke which eliminates all the scent acquired in the room.
    The right practice is to use a suitable tool, or alternatively a toothpick (preferably moistened) and carefully lower the wick until it goes out by briefly dipping it in the wax.
    2. Fragrance
    To keep the fragrance alive and intact every time it is lit, it is important to keep the candle lit for at least 2 hours each time. In this way the combustion process will be complete and homogeneous; 2 hours is also the ideal time to allow the candle to begin to release its scent and radiate it into the environment.
    3. Form
    It is not difficult for potted candles to create unevenness in the shape of the surface; the candle melts in depth but not in width and this implies a great waste of the product. To avoid this effect it will be sufficient to make sure that every time the candle is lit, it burns at least to the point of melting and making the entire first layer of wax liquid. When it goes out and cools it will be perfectly level again.
    4. Consumption
    The consumption of the candle becomes very important when it comes to an end. Generally the container of the candle itself is a very important and pleasing to the eye, so we advise you to reuse it for other purposes.
    5. To always have ideal wicks, we recommend using our Flame Cutter Scissor (sold separately) which allows you to cut wicks up to 3 mm to ensure a clean and uniform flame and maximum diffusion of the fragrance.

    Product entirely Made in Italy.

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