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    Locherber Milano

    Fresh Capri Blue Candle by Locherber Milano 500g

    Fresh Capri Blue Candle by Locherber Milano 500g

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    Capri Blue represents an incredibly beautiful mix of nature, history and culture. This island is unparalleled in the world for its unique atmosphere, which is why from time immemorial various artists, painters, musicians, writers have come here to tap into this unique atmosphere and awaken their muse. Apart from the smell and the hand-dyed glass, a bit of the atmosphere is also transferred to the label, where a geometric pattern repeats on the jacquard fabric, referring to the famous majolica that this island is full of.

    Head: orange, lemon, Sicilian mandarin
    Heart: cardamom, orange blossom, tea leaves
    Base: caramelized vanilla, white moss

    For creating a festive atmosphere and a designer touch to your home.

    The light of the candle adds a pleasant soft light to any interior, enriched with a delicate clean scent.

    Thanks to the wooden lid, the candle is dust-free unless it is burning. If you light it, the lid can be used as a pad under the candle to protect the surface on which it stands.



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