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    Drop in Oval Bathroom Hand Hammered Copper Bathroom Sink in ANTIQUE BRASS

    Drop in Oval Bathroom Hand Hammered Copper Bathroom Sink in ANTIQUE BRASS

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    Discover the rustic charm and timeless beauty of our hand-hammered copper bathroom sinks. Individually crafted by our skilled artisans from recycled copper, each sink is beautifully designed, extremely durable, and a one-of-a-kind piece of art ready for display in your home.

    Drop in Oval Bathroom Hand Hammered Copper Sink in special ANTIQUE BRASS finish

    Suitable color/finish to Antique brass or bronze faucets.

    480 x 350 x 150mm - outer dimensions
    430 x 300 x 150mm - inner dimensions

    Hand Made
    100% Recyclable
    Composition: 99.7% Pure Recycled Copper
    Patina: Fired

    Copper has a living surface so it will continually lighten and darken in time creating the beautiful rich patina you see now. The reason it does this is to protect itself from chemicals, anything acidic, or any other harsh elements. This natural process is what gives copper its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. If you wipe a sink down with a soft cloth you will commonly see a bit of brown/patina come off on the cloth, this is normal. In addition, if anything acidic or chemical based is allowed to sit on the sink surface, the patina will be stripped and exposed the raw copper. The copper will then do what it does best and start to protect itself or re-patina itself until it eventually reaches its equilibrium and matches the rest of the sink. How do you speed up this process? The more water and oxygen come into contact with the raw spot, the faster it will patina. Copper is constantly trying to stay at its equilibrium and will absolutely not stay in its raw state.

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