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    Locherber Milano

    Locherber Milano Venetiae Diffuser Gift box

    Locherber Milano Venetiae Diffuser Gift box

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    Fresh, aquatic, floral, oriental fragrance...

    The set includes:
    Empty hand-dyed 500 ml bottle of Locherber Milano
    Luxury walnut cap with metal plate
    500 ml diffuser refill in the fragrance of your choice
    Diffuser sticks

    Head: Calone, bergamot, Sicilian lemons
    Heart: lavender, seaweed, myrtle
    Base: cedar wood, mosses

    A fragrance inspired by Venice! The lids of this unique collection are made from recycled stakes, called BRICCOLE, which mark the navigable routes for boats, in the Venetian lagoon. The stakes are made of oak or larch wood and must be replaced every 20 years because, in addition to saltwater erosion, they are also eaten away by shipworms. They feed on the wood.

    Each cap is different, differently eaten by these worms. Each piece is an original that combines history, design, originality and nature.

    Hand-dyed aquamarine glass, jacquard fabric label. A beautiful design element that will scent your space.

    Recommended placement: Hotel reception, living room, restaurant, master bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, guest room, lounge, men's and women's boutique, spa. Always choose the size of the diffuser according to the size of the space where you want to place it.


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