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    Locherber Milano

    New 2023 Locherber Milano Luxury Home Diffuser CAFÉ SATIN

    New 2023 Locherber Milano Luxury Home Diffuser CAFÉ SATIN

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    CAFÉ SATIN aroma diffuser from Locherber Milano, an Italian manufacturer of exclusive premium fragrances that feature unique natural compositions and natural ingredients.

    it is impossible to describe this unique composition in a nutshell:

    it is a sweet, enveloping, velvety, feminine, seductive, warm, sophisticated, round, soft aroma. The bitter notes of coffee and the sweetness of vanilla are in perfect balance, the magical duet of rose and geranium adds femininity.

    The aroma is inspired by Gesha coffee, considered one of the finest Arabica beans in the world, both due to its sweet aromatic profile and harvesting method, in which the ripest berries are carefully hand-selected to ensure their freshness.

    Locherber Milano diffuser bottles made of painted glass are a real decoration for your interior. Ash wood lids are decorated with a steel plate on top with the company logo to protect the wood.

    New Locherber Milano Fragrance of 2023 

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