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    Locherber Milano

    Venetiae Catalytic Lamp Gift box by Locherber Milano

    Venetiae Catalytic Lamp Gift box by Locherber Milano

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    Fresh, aquatic, floral, oriental fragrance...

    Head: Calone, bergamot, Sicilian lemons
    Heart: lavender, seaweed, myrtle
    Base: cedar wood, mosses

    A luxurious and elegant gift set in an elegant gift box includes:
    1 piece catalytic lamp with wick and stone, 500 ml volume
    1 pc catalytic lamp refill, 500 ml
    1 pcs scented bag filled with Sicilian salt for cabinets, drawers
    1 pc funnel for easy pouring of the filling into the lamp

    Catalytic lamps are used to disinfect and scent the air in homes, apartments or offices. The air is freed from odours, impurities and bacteria by a process of catalytic oxidation. With the Locherber Milano cartridge, the air of the environment where the lamp is placed is also beautifully and pleasantly scented. Compared to conventional lamps, they only burn for a short time and therefore do not produce smoke unnecessarily. The use of catalytic lamps is therefore hygienic and safe.

    The fragrance bag is filled with Sicilian coarse salt soaked in fragrance essence. The sachets are ideal for scenting laundry in, for example, wardrobes, drawers, smaller closets and, of course, for scenting the interior of a car.
    The beautiful cubic design of Locherber Milano and the decorative cap makes it a great addition to any interior.

    Recommended placement: Hotel reception, living room, restaurant, master bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, guest room, lounge, car showroom, yacht, ladies boutique, spa. Always choose the size of the diffuser according to the size of the space where you want to place it.


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