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    Buster + Punch

    Solid Double-Sided Pull Bar Stainless Gold, Brass

    Solid Double-Sided Pull Bar Stainless Gold, Brass

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    Solid Double-Sided Pull Bar in Brass

    A double-sided solid metal pull bar featuring our signature rough-cast knuckle and hand-polished solid metal bar. Thanks to the nature of the casting process, no two knuckles are the same. Its durable brass EPL finish makes it suitable for all interior spaces, including bathrooms.

    Please note, due to the durable EPL wet-rating treatment, our CAST brass differs slightly in appearance from our CROSS + LINEAR brass finishes.

    A pull bar made from solid metal, with a durable brass EPL finish, and refined by hand. This pull bar features our signature rough-cast knuckle, hand polished solid metal bar and a debossed B+P insignia on the knuckle.

    They work great on cabinet doors, cupboards, kitchen units and just about anything that can open.


    Available in 4 colors:

    Steel, Brass, Gun Metal, Welders Black 

    and 3 sizes:

    200mm, 300mm, 400mm

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