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    Locherber Milano

    New Locherber Milano Skyline Candle KLÍNTO 1817 - 450g

    New Locherber Milano Skyline Candle KLÍNTO 1817 - 450g

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    Klínto 1817 Candle by Locherber Milano 450g

    A delicate fragrance of an almost extinct wine: Clinto (or Clintòn), born from the crossing of two varieties of wild American vine and it is characterized by an intense fruity scent and the unmistakable taste of strawberry.


    A sweet and delicate essence. Fruity notes (cassis, grapes, currant) are immediately released from its bouquet, followed by floreal (violet peals, honeysuckle) and spicy (truffle) notes, that evolve in a finale of sweet birch wood and vanilla.

    The fruity and floral fragrance hides these fragrant essences:
    Head: blackcurrant, grape, redcurrant, orange.
    Heart: truffle, raspberry, violet, honeysuckle
    Base: vanilla, Virginia cedar wood



    Inspired by ancient oriental lanterns, the Locherber candle diffuses the fragrance in the room creating a calming and welcoming atmosphere. 

    The design of the skyline collection  is globally registered. 


    Before lighting up the candle:

    place the candle on a flat surface, away from air currents and flammable materials;

    light the candle carefully, preferably using a long candle lighter;

    lightly cut the wick making sure it is at least 1cm high;

    make sure the wicks are upright. To straighten them it is advisable to use a wick straightener;

    check that the wax is free from residues.


    When in use: 

    Do not keep the candle lit for more than 2 hours

    never leave unattended or move a candle while it is burning;

    If you are using two candles at the same time, keep them at a minimum of 15cm apart.


    After using the candle: 

    before turning it off, check that the wax has melted evenly up to the edges of the vase;

    extinguish the candle using the special snuffer, never with liquids or by blowing on the flames;

    check that the wicks are not too close to the glass. If so, you need to bring them back upright with a wick straightener;

    straighten and put the wicks in the initial position.

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