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    Locherber Milano

    Klínto 1817 Terracotta Lid Diffuser by Locherber Milano

    Klínto 1817 Terracotta Lid Diffuser by Locherber Milano

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    The smell of ripe strawberries and grapes , memories of sunny Tuscany

    Luxury Gift box with terracotta lid

    250ml Skyline Collection

    A luxurious elegant gift suitable for any occasion includes a gift box and diffuser with a handmade terracotta lid.

    The fruity and floral fragrance hides these fragrant essences:
    Head: blackcurrant, grape, redcurrant, orange.
    Heart: truffle, raspberry, violet, honeysuckle
    Base: vanilla, Virginia cedar wood

    The special handmade end cap of this diffuser is made of terracotta and is shaped like a pebble stone. Why this shape and why terracotta?
    We are based on the traditional Feng Shui concept that energy should flow through our home in the right way, and this is facilitated by natural materials and rounded shapes that allow the Qi energy to glide through them well. That is why one of the materials is terracotta: it is a natural material, with the clay being processed by hand according to the ancient techniques of the ancient Etruscans who inhabited much of what is now Tuscany.

    For those who love Tuscany, this is one way to bring its positive energy into your home, thanks to a designer diffuser and terracotta finial, while also making your home more in tune with Feng Shui principles.

    A cubic bottle made of thick glass, hand-painted
    Concentrated fragrance
    Special handmade terracotta cap, crafted in the shape of a pebble
    Jacquard fabric labels
    Sticks that soak up the scent and release it into their surroundings
    Registered design
    Natural pure fragrance: the filling is made of natural ingredients from controlled origin processing is completely Made in Italy.

    The release of the fragrance essence does not produce any substances harmful to the body
    very high percentage of fragrance - 20% fragrance essence

    Location: hotel/reception, living areas, restaurant/kitchen, master bedroom, guest room, bathroom, cloakroom, car and yacht showrooms, smoking rooms, men's salons, lounges, executive offices, ladies boutiques, men's boutiques,barber's shops, spa/wellness. Always choose the size of the diffuser according to the size of the space where you want to place it.

    A 250ml diffuser is the ideal size for medium sized rooms. The diffuser is refillable. When the refill runs out, only a replacement refill for the Locherber diffuser can be purchased separately in either the same or a different scent.

    Just rinse the glass design diffuser with warm water and replace the sticks. We recommend replacing the sticks whenever you change the scent. If you stay with the same scent, we recommend replacing them with new ones as well, but just after the 2nd time you fill the diffuser. This way your diffuser will still be fully functional.


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