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    Locherber Milano

    AZAD KASHMERE Room Spray Trigger Locherber Milano

    AZAD KASHMERE Room Spray Trigger Locherber Milano

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    AZAD KASHMERE Room Spray Trigger Locherber Milano


    This fragrance envelops you with its softness like a perfect cashmere shawl.

    A timeless favorite loved for its fresh and delicate notes. It recalls Kashmir, a mystic land serving as a crossroad connecting populations, culture and breathtaking nature.

    Azad Kashmere

    Bergamot citrus notes evolve into floral scents with Moroccanjasmine, lily of the valley and iris, spiced with sandalwood; the finaltone is warm and musky with notes of vanilla, patchouli, amber andsandalwood.Heady and persistent, Azad Kashmere evokes the dreamyatmospheres of the East, and is therefore the ideal fragrance tocomplement the bedroom, bathroom andthe walk-in wardrobe

    A warm, sweetly spicy, powdery scent
    Head: bergamot
    Heart: Moroccan jasmine, lily, iris, ebony
    Base: vanilla, patchouli, moss, amber, sandalwood

    Location: hotel/reception, living areas, restaurant/kitchen, master bedroom, guest room, bathroom, dressing room, showrooms and yachts, smoking rooms/men's lounges, lounges, management offices, ladies boutiques, men's boutiques, hairdressers, spa.


    The Locherber Trigger is a scented spray to be used in your favorite space but also on bed sheets and fabric.

    The intensity can be adjusted by rotating the dispenser.

    When spraying the product on fabric, keep a distance of at least 30cm.

    Do not use on delicate surfaces or fabric.



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