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    Luxury Bathroom Rugs from the best Egyptian cotton

    Charming design, excellent quality, the softest material and absorbency


    In other words... you try them and never change.

    They are washable at 40 degrees, you can even put them in a dryer.

    (I recommend a soft program or just making them "fluffy" for a few minutes)

    These are Abyss & Habidecor Bath Mats and Rugs


    I saw them at Bloomingdales for the first time, I was just drawn to the designs, especially the glittery lurex threads on most of the mats. Let's check the video.


    Now, I am going to show you a lot of inspiration. :)

    Let's start with the bestsellers...

    Luxury Egyptian cotton bathroom rug Dragonfly design

    This is Felitsa a bathroom rug in Dragonfly design, in beautiful blue and gold colors.

    You are going to love it when the morning sun lights up the lurex fibers in your bathroom.

    Blue bathroom sink waterfall faucet Egyptian cotton bathroom rug

    And this is the kind of product that will make you go to Venice to take pictures. Yes, we did :D


    Egyptian cotton bathroom rug blue simple

    Must Rug might be the best option if you're looking for something simpler.

    Made from 100% Giza 70 Egyptian cotton (extra long staple), it's perfectly absorbent and very soft. The perfect thing is that it is available in 60 colors, so you can pair them with same color Abyss towels.

    The 3rd bestseller is a Midnight Rug, elegant, marbled design in blue, grey and gold tones. Also with gold lurex sparkling threads.

    best bathroom rugs luxury egyptian cotton giza 70


    Midnight bathroom mat blue grey gold colors

    Showroom photo. Love those soft blue colors.

    luxury bathroom towels soft absorbent

    This is a ELYSEE bathroom rug with Rustic Pousada Towels in 440 Orchid color.

    I recommend this towels in large size. They are so soft and comfy.

    They are available in 30 colors.


    sheepskin bath mat white
    Same material, but totally different design. Believe it or not it's still Egyptian cotton. A perfect copy of a sheepskin, woven from the best cotton and available in a few basic colors. Lay this sheepskin on the floor and sink your toes into it.

    perfect copy of sheepskin bath mat


     OK, let's continue with some stunning models from Abyss

    gold threads bathroom mat rug luxury
    PERSE - very popular Egyptian cotton rug manufactured in 2 sizes, 60x100cm and 70x125cm. We usually take them in stock, they are selling so good in both colors, silver and gold.



    luxury blue turquoise bathroom rug egyptian cotton
    Malibu rug with birds-eyeview shoreline design. Deep blues, crisp whites, and sandy shades

    luxury rosy pink and white color bathroom mat

    Marbled design, beautiful pink and gold tones Rosy bath mat made with extra-long staple cotton, gives a beautiful finishing touch to your bathroom with this

    Rosy bath mat from Abyss & Habidecor. Made from sumptuously soft Egyptian cotton, it features an elegant design in pink and gold tones.


    Peacock bath mat

    One of my favorites. A Peacock Bath mat.
    Add cozy texture to any floor space with this Peacock bath mat from Abyss & Habidecor. Patterned with a dazzling peacock feather design, this bath mat is a chic addition to your bathroom. Crafted from a beautifully soft combed cotton and Lurex blend, the gold-colored touches have a delicate shimmer and the mat has a thick and fluffy 2300gsm.


    Dalhia flower bathroom rug
    Dahlia fabulous floral finishing bath mat from Abyss & Habidecor. Made from a luxurious Egyptian cotton blend, it features a vibrant oversized flower design in beautiful colors.


    rose luxury flower bathroom rug
    Damas Luxury Pink Rose Egyptian Cottom Bathroom rug
    Damas a  fabulous floral finishing touch to your bathroom with his Damas bath mat from Abyss & Habidecor. Made from a luxurious Egyptian cotton blend, it features a vibrant oversized flower design in beautiful pink tones.


    emerald green bathroom rug egyptian cotton
    Emerald & Agatha bathroom rugs in green colors, our Waterfall faucet in chrome finish, chrome hook from Bamboo Chrome serie and matching towels



    I hope you guys enjoyed the product & showroom photos. If you need anything, just let me know at, I can take photos for you of any stock product.

    Most of the photos are from our showroom,
    Please, do not copy or use them without permission
    You can contact us on
    Thank you, Vesimi team


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