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    Copper Bathroom - what does it exactly mean?

    What do the words Copper bathroom mean to you?

    Is that something like a warm rustic home, full of brown and copper colors. Tone in tone. I see white wood, large window, vintage table with vessel sink and copper faucet.

    We will show you some inspirational products, that can help you to build your dream bathroom.


    Give us a comment, what do you imagine when you think of the word  "Copper Bathroom :)"

    Or show us yours...


    Tub hand-hammered copper sink with copper faucet
    Let's start with this beauty.
    Tub design hand-hammered 100% copper sink combination with a single handle faucet. Just enough large sink, not too much. Easy to operate faucet.
    Handle this faucet-sink combo with love and care and the beauty will last for decades.


    What do you may not know, Copper in antibacterial by itself.

    "In 2008, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) recognized copper as the first antimicrobial metal. In in vitro assays, solid copper surfaces killed 99.9% of microorganisms within two hours of contact" This is a big plus when you think about a copper sink or a bathtub."

    That's a big plus if you think about copper sink or bathroom, right? 

    Rustic copper shower, brown concrete sink and accessories
    You don't necessarily have to use a copper in the whole bathroom, here you can see concrete basin with the same faucet, ceramic bathroom accessories in brown color and the best Egyptian cotton (Giza 70) bathroom rug
    The Locherber Milano Banksia diffuser is just a cherry on top.


    Industrial faucet copper sink bathroom
    Here you can see that copper bathroom doesn't always have to be rustic. With simple shapes the interior can be almost nordic or industrial.


    blue copper wood table bathroom
    Same faucet-sink set, another look. 
    Btw, we love these rustic Pousada towels by Abyss & Habidecor. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, extremely soft and absorbent.



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